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Our mission

The Jocam Canada team has for mission to meet appropriately to its customers expectations and needs. It doesn't matter if you are a professional or not, we commit ourselves to offer you podiatric, orthopedic and medical quality products to prevent, relieve and maximize the comfort and well-being of your loved ones and/or your customers.

By taking advantage of our expertise, which is only one click away, you will be able to give yourself a professional quality service.

The Team

Jocam Canada is a young family business, our team composed of people who have accumulated over 30 years of experience in hospital environment and that, in different departments like emergency rooms, intensive care units, medical-surgery, operating rooms, sterilization and geriatrics.

Over our 16-year-clinical practice, we have developped a foot care expertise, especially in the diabetes-foot desorders. Members of our staff take upon themselves to keep up with the latest news on diabetes, vascular diseases and all the therapeutic approaches to help and maintain people quality of life.


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New products

Well-Being SOLUTION 120 mL

Well-Being SOLUTION 120 mL
Muscle pain
Price: $0.00

Active Repairing SOLUTION

Active Repairing SOLUTION
Extremely dry skin
Price: $25.95

Refreshing & purifying mist (sweaty feet-fungus) 120ml

Refreshing & purifying mist (sweaty feet-fungus) 120ml
The mist allows for deodorizing as well as prevents risks of bacterial proliferation.
Price: $21.95

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